Lesbian Dating, Singles and Personals gives you many choices in matters of search options ad contact options; however improvements can still be done.


4.1 out of 5 stars, from 3 reviewers on 04/10/2010

Data safety:

  • sends you your chosen password by email which is not safe and is an outdated method.
  • They redirect you to a safe payment website for payments and have multiple payment options


  • is pleasant and colorful, user-friendly
  • All features can be accessed from the first page once you login to your account
  • Phone support


  • has no advice section, just one simple help page
  • The younger ladies mostly choose the standard membership while the older ones choose the paid membership. The system doesn’t allow free members to contact free members; therefore the chances for younger women to contact younger women are low.
  • The login page is not secured / encrypted – this could be an improvement that would give confidence to the users that their data is safe and the first page is not fake

Targeted Membership: is focuses on Lesbian Dating.

Number of Members:
91,000 people use

Free Membership Features:
Yes (called: Standard membership)

Free Features:

· Complete Profile

· Unlimited “Show interest”

· Add up to 5 photos

· Unlimited contacts and messages of / from paying members


  • A free member can not communicate with a free member
  • No instant messaging on
  • Limited to communicate via the site alone, contact info can not be shared.
  • Lower ranking in searches than the paid memberships
  • No video profile

Membership levels and fees:

  • Standard (free)
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Gold Member

1 month Eur 29.99 per month
3 Months Eur 20 per month or Eur 59.99 billed in one payment
6 Months Eur 16.66 per month or Eur 99.99 billed in one payment
12 Months Eur 10 per month or Eur 119.99 billed in one payment

Platinum Member

1 month Eur 34.99 per month
3 Months Eur 23.33 per month or Eur 69.99 billed in one payment
6 Months Eur 20.00 per month or Eur 119.99 billed in one payment
12 Months Eur 10.83 per month or Eur 129.99 billed in one payment

Paid membership features:

  • Browse other members’ profiles just like the standard membership
  • Unlimited “Show interest”
  • Instant messaging
  • Get in touch with free and paid members alike
  • Include personal information in messages
  • Add a personality profile (hobbies etc)
  • Rank profile above the free standard members in searches
  • As a platinum member you can rank above a gold member in searches
  • As a platinum you have an exclusive feature of creating your video profile and viewing other members video profiles as well as sending a video mail to others
  • As a platinum you can use the website’s translation services, so all messages you receive are translate in the language of your choice
  • You can create a list of favorites
  • Access the chat rooms
  • Access to automatic interest list – to keep track of who is interested in you and who you are interested in
  • My matches list – similar to interest list only this is created by you
  • With you can chat with the people that are online (text, voice, video)
  • Anonymity and identity protection – you can provide as much or as little information about yourself as you like.

Search by Members options:

  • Search options: quick / advanced
  • Search criteria at gender, age, country, relationship type, ethnicity, nationality, religion, marital status, education, habits, height.
  • The search results can sorted by ranking them: newest members, members with photos, latest logons
  • Additional, search by: language, keywords, member number, first name

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